Advice if you’re stopped or arrested by the police

Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper offers tactics to prepare people when they are approached, stopped and searched, or arrested by the police. He advises people stopped on the streets, in a vehicle, at a protest or any situation that the main priority is to de-escalate the situation and ask for representation from Police Action Lawyers if necessary.

Anti-apartheid campaign

Lela Kogbara talks about some of the tactics used by the anti-apartheid movement in her local area in the 1980s, handing out leaflets, encouraging people to boycott South African goods, organising benefits and building networks with churches and trade unions.

Arts activism and community participation

Chris Chalkley talks about art and activism as a tactic and the People’s Republic of Stokescroft, which provides spaces for artists in Bristol to create public artworks and share their work, engaging with community around a range of social and political issues.

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Siana Bangura talks about the wide range of tactics used by Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT). The organisation works collaboratively with similar organisations to campaign against the international arms trade on intersecting issues for a world where conflict is resolved without the use of force.

Door-to-door poet

Rowan McCabe is the UK’s first door-to-door poet. He talks about the tactics he uses to engage with people – knocking on doors all over the country, asking members of different communities what they care about, and what subjects he should write and recite poetry about.


People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House
Hero Austin and Margaret Agyapong talk about tactics used in the People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House (PEACH) campaign. Working with hundreds of other families living in unsafe and unhealthy homes owned by a private corporation, Hero and Margaret successfully campaigned to return the properties to council ownership and secured rent reductions for all.

Photography as a creative tactic

In his photo essay, Dr Caesar describes his extensive photography and artwork – its aims and range. He talks about significant influences and the impact of his most powerful projects documenting prominent figures and historical events such as the 1985 Handsworth Riots, all illustrated with a carefully curated selection of his stunning documentary photographs.

PSOOL – Police Spies Out Of Lives

PSOOL was established in 2012 by eight women who had been political activists to bring a legal case against the Metropolitan Police for deploying undercover police officers into their personal lives, including deceptive intimate relationships with them. It began as a support group and expanded to campaigning for justice and change to prevent such deception.


The Lewis family talk about the creative tactics used as part of their local Tescno campaign in Leicester, UK. Their aim was to challenge the supermarket giant and protect local smaller independent shops by galvanising people of all ages and backgrounds to take action.

Think big, campaign smart

Helen Barnard shares ‘smart’ tips for activists campaigning for a better future. Her advice is to: seek common ground, not the high ground; use language the public can engage with and let those with lived experience lead. Helen is also one of our Explainers