Photography as a creative tactic

In his photo essay, Dr Caesar describes his extensive photography and artwork – its aims and range. He talks about significant influences and the impact of his most powerful projects documenting prominent figures and historical events such as the 1985 Handsworth Riots, all illustrated with a carefully curated selection of his stunning documentary photographs.

Education to tackle racism

Khady Gueye tells the story of organising a Black Lives Matter demonstration in 2020. She received a fierce backlash and racist abuse as well as tremendous support including from the local police. Khady recognised the need for a long term approach to counter racial and economic injustice which are so connected. She set up the Local Equality Commission, working with partners to tackle racial, political and economic injustice collaboratively.

Legacy of Empire

Professor Gurminder Bhambra explains the extent of wealth extraction from former British colonies to fund British institutions and the idea that an economically just world is about human value and fair distribution.