Nafeesa Hamid

Nafeesa Hamid is a British Pakistani poet and playwright based in Birmingham. She has been writing and performing for 6 years at nights around the UK.

National Community Land Trust

Our vision is for anyone, anywhere to be able to set up and run a Community Land Trust to develop homes and other assets to meet local needs.

The National CLT Network is the official charity supporting Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in England and Wales. We work on behalf of CLTs and, in turn, our members shape and govern our work.

We provide funding, resources, training and advice for CLTs and work with the Government, local authorities, lenders and funders to establish the best conditions for CLTs to grow and flourish. Our aim is to transform the land and housing markets in England and Wales so that CLTs are mainstream, not dependent on short-lived specialist support programmes.

National Rural Mental Health Forum

The National Rural Mental Health Forum is a strong dedicated network of over 180 organisations from third, private and public sectors, with an outreach to 500,000 people in rural Scotland.


NEON is a network of over 650 UK organisers from different trade unions, grassroots groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), faith-based campaigns, political parties, civil society groups and movements from across the country. We run powerful trainings and support campaigns to help progressives win social, economic and environmental justice. NEON builds the power of movements for social and economic justice.

New Economics Foundation (NEF)


There has never been a greater need for a new economy. The New Economics Foundation exists to make it happen.

We work with people igniting change from below and we combine this with rigorous research to fight for change at the top.

Positive Money

Positive Money’s vision is for a money and banking system that enables a fair, democratic, and sustainable economy.

Priced Out

PricedOut is England’s national campaign for affordable house prices. We call for action from government to build more homes and reduce the cost of decent housing. We fight for everyone who wants to be a homeowner but can’t afford to, and everyone who wants to move closer to work or amenities but can’t afford to.


RECLAIM exists to end the leadership inequality that prevents working-class young people with talent, imagination, ambition and drive, from fulfilling their leadership potential. We support young people who refuse to be silent: who fight for their voices to be heard.

Resolution Foundation

The Resolution Foundation is an independent think-tank focused on improving the living standards of those on low-to-middle incomes. We work across a wide range of economic and social policy, combining our core purpose with a commitment to analytical rigour. These twin pillars of rigour and purpose underpin everything we do and make us the leading UK authority on securing widely-shared economic growth.

Rural Services Network

The Rural Services Network is a Special Interest Group of the Local Government Association. We are a membership organisation and work on behalf of our members as the national champion for rural services.